WATCH: 'Merce' is a Perfectly Perky and Modern Take on Living Positive - 

"This colorful musical comedy is like an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for anyone who is gay and poz." - Katie Peoples,, July, 2015

Sally Field, Rational Relating, and a Comedy of Life with HIV -

"[Merce] has the low-budget appeal of early John Waters." -Mark S. King,

Merce: A Modern Day HIV Comedy - A&U Magazine

"Flamboyant, funny, outrageous,glamorous, bawdy, but very much "the guy next door" (in a funny, glamorous way, that is), Merce captures, ever so candidly, and also fearlessly, the reality of living with HIV/AIDS in today's society."- Alina Oswald, A&U Magazine, June 2015 

Meet Merce - POZ  Magazine

"Who’s Merce? He’s a flamboyant and funny middle-age New Yorker and the star of his own outrageously gay musical comedy web series." -Trenton Straub, POZ Magazine, July/August 2015

Charles Sanchez Gives HIV The Full Comic Treatment in Merce -

"Merce, is about a middle aged, HIV+ guy living in NYC, and it's a musical comedy! And here's the subversive part: it's not sad and no one dies." -Bob Leahy

Comedy and HIV: A (Funny) Conversation -

"(Merce) has such loopy joy. There's not a lot of comedy produced about life with HIV. And yet Merce has jokes, slapstick and musical numbers. I like the way you think." - Mark S. King


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